Judas Maccabaeus (Escèna I) HWV 63

de Georg Friedrich. Händel

Solistes, cor i orquestra


1Overture (Grave - Allegro - Lentement - Allegro)
Acte I
2Chorus: "Mourn, Ye Afflicted Children"
3Recit:" Well May Your Sorrows, brethren, flow" (Israelitish Man, Israelitish woman)
4Duet: "From this dread scene, these adverse pow'rs"
5Chorus: "For Sion lamentation make"
6Recitative: "Not vain is all this storm of grief" (Israelitish Man)
7Aria: "Pious orgies, pious airs"
8Chorus: "Oh father, whose Almighty pow'r"
9Recitative: "I feel, I feel the Deity within" (Simon)
10Aria: "Arm, arm, ye brave!" (Simon)
11Chorus: "We come, we come, in bright array"
12Recitative: "Tis well, my friends" (Judas Maccabaeus)
13Aria: "Call forth thy pow'rs, my soul" (Judas Macabaeus)
14Recitative: "To Heav'ns's Almighty king we kneel" (Israelitish Woman)
15Aria: "Oh liberty, thou choicest treasure" (Israelitish woman)
16Aria: "Come, ever-smiling liberty" (Israelitish Woman)
17Recitative: "Oh Judas, may these noble views inspire" (Israelitish Man)
18Aria: "Tis liberty, dear liberty alone" (Israelitish Man)
19Duet: "Come, ever-smiling liberty" (Israelitish Woman and Man)
20Chorus: "Lead on, lead on! Judah disdains"
21Recitative: "So will'd my father, now at rest" (Judas Maccabaeus)
22Semi-chorus: "Disdainful of danger, we'll rush on the foe"
23Recitative: "Ambition! If e'er honour was thine aim" (Judas Maccabaeus)
24Aria: "No unhallow'd desire" (Judas Maccabaeus)
25Recitative: "Haste we, my brethren, haste we to the field" (Israelitish Man)
26Chorus: "Hear us, oh Lord, on Thee we call"