Judas Maccabaeus (Escèna II) HWV 63

de Georg Friedrich. Händel

Solistes, cor i orquestra


Acte II
27Chorus: "Fall'n is the foe; so fall Thy foes, oh Lord!"
28Recitative: "Victorious hero! Fame shall tell" (Israelitish Man)
29Aria: "So rapid thy course is" (Israelitish Man)
30Recitative: "Well may we hope our freedom to receive" (Israelitish Man) an
31Duet: "Sion now her head shall raise" (Israelitish Woman and Man)
33Recitative: "Oh let eternal honourscrown his name" (Israelitish Woman)
34Aria: "From mighty kings he took the spoil" (Israelitish Woman)
35Duet: "Hail, hail, Judea, happy land"
37Recitative: "Thanks to my brethren; but look up to Heav'n" (Judas Maccabaeus)
38Aria: "How vain is man, who boasts in fight" (Judas Maccabaeus)
39Recitative: "Oh Judas, oh my brethren" (Messenger)
40Aria: "Ah! Wretched, wretched Israel" (Israelitish Woman)
42Recitative: "Be comforted, -nor think these plagues are sent" (Simon)
43Aria: "The Lord worketh wonders" (Simon)
44Recitative: "My arms! - against this Gorgias will I go" (Judas Maccabaeus)
45Aria: "Sound an alarm! Your silver trumpets sound" (Judas Maccabaeus)
47Recitative: "Enough! To Heav'n we leave the rest" (Simon)
48Aria: "With pious hearts, and brave as pious" (Simon)
49Recitative: "Ye worshippers of God" (Israelitish Man, Israelitish Woman)
50Aria: "Wise men, flatt'ring, may deceive us" (Israelitish Woman)
51Duet: "Oh! Never, never bow we down" (Israelitish Woman and Man)
52Chorus: "We never, never will bow down"